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Gameplay Facts & Figures

Lightning Roulette slot

Learning to play Lightning Roulette online will be easy for those familiar with classic roulette. This new edition from Evolution Gaming shares its basic structure with the base variant. The only difference is the addition of an exciting bonus feature.

Of course, we get lightning elements on the game’s interface to indicate online Lightning Roulette. As one of this provider's best live dealer and table games, it features an optimal return to player rate (RTP) of 97.30%. The betting range depends on the Lightning Roulette online casino you pick for gameplay.

The Lightning Roulette online game runs smoothly on mobile devices.

Bonus Features

There is no denying that the Lightning Roulette casino game looks stunning with its plush setting. Evolution Gaming’s design brings an electrifying interface with a black and gold art deco. The live room is set to deliver some lightning strikes on the table with its bonus features.

Lightning Roulette has many bets, the same as the classic roulette table game. They include the likes of street, high/low, corner, straight-up, line, even/odd, column, split bet, etc. Players will make these bets during the betting time or click "done" after placing a wager.

The bonus feature in this game makes it more rewarding than the traditional or classical variant. Bets in the classic game may award payouts of 35:1, 17:1, 11:1, 8:1, 5:1, 1:1, or 2:1. Evolution Gaming’s bonus can pump the price to 500x:1.

Lightning Roulette India can be played by a single player or an unlimited number of players. Its scalability can accommodate more players than the traditional variants. Notwithstanding, the bonus feature remains the same for all players.

As mentioned earlier, Lightning Roulette retains all the essential elements from the classic variant. As a result, experienced players will only need a few seconds to play Lightning Roulette and bet for wins.

Gameplay Setting

The playing area in Lightning Roulette stays the same. You will find the familiar betting table with options for inside and outside bets. Hence, you will have no trouble picking your wagers and starting the game.

The roulette wheel stays on one side of the table, while the bets remain on the other. Once in play, players place bets and either win or lose them when the wheel spins.

Players must use chips when playing Lightning Roulette. These chips are equivalent to the actual cash needed to place viable bets. Notwithstanding, the dealer will strike out any bet that does not meet the minimum amount.

Turn to the roulette wheel, and you will find 37 pockets. The “0” is green, while 1 to 36 cycle through red and black colours. As in the classic game, players win if the dice land on their chosen numbers.

Placing bets and waiting for the game to start is when the fun begins. That is because of the bonus features, as discussed in the subsequent section.

Bonus Rounds

Evolution Gaming adds literal lightning jolts to the classic roulette casino game. The bonus feature in Lightning Roulette is a random number generator that steps in to generate five random numbers.

The five random numbers come with payouts of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, and 500x. The game will pick one from either 400x or 500x for the last lucky number.

This bonus feature goes by its more popular name, "lucky numbers," and it plays out as follows:

  • Players place their bets: The total stakes in the classic roulette casino game are available in this updated variant. Hence, players can stick to their usual betting preferences without needing deviation.
  • The RNG generates five lucky numbers: These numbers are completely random but fall within the game's betting range. They could be any number from 1 to 36, including zero.
  • Payouts generated: The random number generator will add multipliers after generating the random numbers. As mentioned earlier, the values of these multipliers will be 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or 500x.

Winning a multiplier comes if the dice end in the accompanying number. As a result, players who placed “straight up” bets on that number will win the multiplier. Let us see an example.

Assume you made straight-up bets on 8, 12, 17, and 23 while the random number generator generated 3, 10, 30, 11, and 17. One of your bets (17) is in the bonus feature.

Also, let us assume the multipliers for the lucky numbers 3, 10, 30, 11, and 17 are 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, and 500x. If the dice stop at 17, you win a payout of 500x:1.

The lucky multipliers only apply to straight-up bets. Non-multiplied straight bets will pay 30:1, while other roulette bets pay traditional values.

Lightning Roulette Hits & Misses

The addition of RNG lucky numbers takes the fun and rewards of Lightning Roulette to another level. Nonetheless, here are some things we liked about this casino game and some things we think could be improved.

  • Advantages

  • The game brings the potential for more significant wins than the traditional variant
  • Its random number generator ensures fair play during gameplay
  • There is a decent return-to-player rate of 97.30%
  • Limitations

  • The straight-up bets have lower payouts than classic roulette
  • Adding a random number generator makes winning a chance occurrence


This Lightning Roulette review has shown how entertaining and rewarding this Evolution Gaming roulette variant is. One straight-up bet can win a payout of up to 500:1, and the RTP is at 97.30%. Indeed, it is one of the best variants of classic roulette and deserves its award.


What is the maximum payout in Lightning Roulette?

Players can win up to 500x:1 on a single straight-up bet.

How many players can play Lightning Roulette?

Evolution Gaming’s design allows for an unlimited number of players. Nevertheless, there is a single-player mode.

What kind of bets is eligible for the lucky number bonus feature?

Only straight-up bets can win the bonus payouts. Non-multiplied straight bets will pay 30:1, while other roulette bets pay traditional values.