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Bingo originated in the early 20th century. It was popular with soldiers and service personnel during the World Wars to pass the time when things were quiet. Bingo is a game of chance, where players mark off numbers on their cards as the bingo host draws them. The winner is the first person to fill their card, or reach one of a few winning combinations, and shout ‘Bingo!’.

As gaming and the internet have become more prevalent over the years, bingo has been somewhat reinvented. Online bingo games and the many variations of the original game are offered by a multitude of virtual casino sites. In this review, we will bring you all the information you need to play bingo online.

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Online Bingo Main Rules Explained

Online bingo main rules

Bingo is popular in India because it is a simple and exciting game with generous prizes. Indian online casinos offer several variants of bingo, but each variant is based on standard bingo rules. A few innovative rule changes set the games apart from one another.

Here are the rules of online bingo:

  • The game software draws one bingo ball at a time
  • Players should mark the numbers off their bingo cards as and when they are called
  • Mark off one line, two lines, a full house, or a pattern to win a prize

Use the following step-by-step guide to play bingo:

  • To play bingo, players have to first purchase a bingo card or ticket or scorecard
  • The prices of bingo cards vary from one game to the other
  • The bingo balls are now drawn at random
  • Players have to mark off the numbers as they are called

Online casinos mark off the numbers automatically, leaving players free to socialize and play lucrative chat games and side games.

  • The winner is the player who completes a line or a pattern first

Understanding Bingo Patterns

Bingo patterns are designs formed after marking off the numbers on a bingo card, ticket, or scorecard. These patterns can be as simple as lines, arrows, full house or crosses, or as complex as pyramids and letters. Players have to complete the given pattern to win the prize. Here are some of the most popular types of bingo patterns.

Online Bingo - four corner pattern

Four Corners

One of the most common bingo patterns, it comprises the four numbers at the corners of the bingo ticket.
Online Bingo - clock pattern

Clock Bingo Pattern

It is a large circle of numbers and the hand of the clock is located at the bottom right-hand corner of the bingo ticket.
Online Bingo - wine glass pattern

Wine Glass

Many online bingo games challenge players to create a wine glass comprising a bottom line with a Y shape placed on it.
Online Bingo - Windmill pattern

Windmill Bingo

Usually found in 75 ball bingo games, the windmill pattern comprises 17 numbers. One number is located at the center of the "windmill" and groups of four numbers are located at the corners.
Online Bingo - bell pattern

Bell Bingo pattern

Online casinos incorporate this pattern into their bingo games to celebrate Christmas. The pattern comprises 14 numbers arranged to look like a bell.
Online Bingo - Witches hat

Witches Hat pattern

Playing Witches Hat Bingo is an innovative way to celebrate Halloween. This pattern is made up of 13 numbers arranged to resemble a witch’s hat.

All About Odds, RTP, and House Edge

All about odds Bingo

Seasoned players take bingo seriously and always look for ways to improve their odds. While there are no sure-fire ways of doing this, implementing some simple strategies can help.

Playing as many bingo cards as possible improves one's odds of winning. If ten players play one bingo card each, each player has a 1 in 10 chance of winning. However, if one of them plays 11 bingo cards, his/her chances of winning increase to 10 in 20.

Some online bingo sites give players the exact number of bingo cards that are in play during the current game. Seasoned players use this valuable information to calculate their odds.

Numbers are called while playing bingo. While 90 ball bingo has 90 calls, 75 ball bingo has 75 calls. So a player's odds increase as the game continues to progress, which is why bingo games get more exciting in their later stages.

Smart players can, therefore, calculate their odds by using the number of bingo tickets and players in the game and the number of bingo calls left.

Average Balls Drawn

The following table shows the average number of balls drawn by game type and number of cards:

Average number of balls drawn to get bbingo
Game 2000 4000 6000 8000
Single Bingo 8.62 8.05 7.82 7.71
Double Bingo 19.32 18.04 17.22 16.79
Triple Bingo 27.13 25.77 25.03 24.49
Single Hardway 11.41 10.33 9.79 9.49
Double Hardway 24.56 23.07 22.25 21.76
Triple Hardway 33.44 31.95 31.09 30.64
Six Pack 9.51 8.9 8.55 8.37
Nine Pack 21.79 20.27 19.6 18.95
Coverall 57.57 56.38 55.56 55.08

Bonuses for Real Money Bingo

Online casinos do not disappoint players looking for big bingo bonuses. When you register at an online casino that offers bingo games, you can get started with generous no deposit and first deposit bonuses. Later, you can enjoy free games, chat games, bingo tournaments, and a wide range of other bingo offers.

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Bingo Strategies That Might Help You

online bingo strategiesAs bingo is a chance-based gambling game, players cannot use any strategy to improve their chances of winning. But bingo experts have put together a few tips, tricks, and strategies, which they claim can improve their odds of winning a game. Let us discuss two of them here.

Granville's System

Strategy 1: Granville's System

While most people believe Bingo is a game totally dependent on lucky, the Granville system shows that you can work out the odds on both the numbers being called and the cards handed out. If you play a game of 75 ball bingo, the odds of any number being called out first is exactly 75/1 but thereafter those odds change.

Granville’s strategy looks at the numbers but pays even more attention to the bingo card you get. He uses the law of probability to show you that you have a better chance of winning when you get a card that has the biggest possible range of final digits.

Play Multiple Cards

Strategy 2: Play Multiple Cards

If you increase the number of bingo cards you play, you also increase your winning odds, but you have to spend more on the bingo cards.

For example, if there are 100 bingo cards in a game, your odds of winning for one bingo ticket are 1 in 100. If you play five cards instead of one, your odds shoot up to 5 in 100. Simultaneously, you have to pay five times more for the bingo tickets, and it still doesn't guarantee a win.

Playing multiple cards is an excellent strategy if you have a fat bankroll. But if you are on a budget, you had better steer clear of it.

Also, we recommend playing multiple cards only for added entertainment as it doesn't guarantee a win.

Most Popular Types of Online Bingo Games

Online casinos offer several varieties of bingo games, and some of them are highly innovative and entertaining. All these variants of bingo are based on standard bingo rules with slight variations that make them unique. The following are some popular online bingo games.

90 ball bingo type

90 Ball Bingo

A 90 Ball Bingo ticket comprises nine rows with four empty spots and five numbers in each row. Players have to purchase a bingo ticket to start playing.

  • Each round of 90 Ball Bingo generates three winners
  • Mark off a line, two lines, or a full house to win a prize
  • The prize depends on the number of players in the game and the price of each ticket.
80 ball bingo type

80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo is a fast-paced and exciting variant of bingo. Though not as popular as the 90 Ball and 75 Ball variants, it still has several fans.

  • 80 Ball Bingo resembles 75 Ball Bingo
  • Each 80 Ball Bingo ticket has four rows and four columns of alternately coloured numbers
  • Each ticket contains a number from the range 1 to 80
  • The winner is the player who gets the full house or completes four corners.
75 ball bingo type

75 Ball Bingo

This is the way Americans play bingo. Standard bingo rules govern the game, but it is played with only 75 numbers.

  • Each 75 Ball Bingo ticket has five rows and five columns
  • The square in the centre has the word "FREE"
  • Most 75 Ball Bingo games are pattern games, which challenge players to win prizes by completing patterns
  • The payouts depend on the size of the player pool and the price of each ticket in the game.
30 ball bingo type

30 Ball

A fast-paced bingo game developed by many software providers, 30 Ball Bingo is played with only 30 numbers. The rest of the bingo rules are the same.

  • Each 30 Ball Bingo ticket has three rows and three columns
  • Each row has nine random numbers selected from the range 1 to 30.
  • Players win if they complete the full house within a limited number of calls.

How to Start Playing Online Bingo for Real Money

  1. Choose a Casino from Our List

    We have already done the hard work of identifying, reviewing, and rating several licensed bingo online casinos for Indian players. All you have to do is sign up at a casino you like best.

  2. Choose Good Welcome Bonus

    Bonuses can spice up your online bingo gaming experience and give you a risk-free way to play. Ensure that the online casino you signed up at offers large and easy-to-clear bonuses.

  3. Make a Deposit

    You can start playing bingo for real money only after making a deposit. Visit the casino cashier and choose an India-friendly payment method like GPay or Paytm to make a deposit.

  4. Choose a Bingo Game

    After logging in to your gaming account, navigate to the online casino’s bingo section and choose a game to play. Our recommended bingo online casinos also offer free games with cash prizes.

  5. Take a Win!

    Play bingo games for real money and win real money jackpots. Cashing out winnings is easy, safe, and secure at our recommended casinos.

Tips to Help You to Save Money

  • Know the Rules

    Know the Rules

    Online bingo casinos offer several bingo variants. Although they are all based on standard bingo rules, slight changes make them unique. Take the time to read the game rules carefully before you play.

  • Know Your Odds

    Know Your Odds

    Bingo is a game based on luck, but you can maximise your profits by calculating your odds of winning a particular game. Bingo odds change according to the price of bingo tickets, number of players in the game, number of tickets in the game, and many other factors.

  • Manage Your Bankroll

    Manage Your Bankroll

    Implement proper bankroll management strategies. Never play bingo with money you can’t afford to lose. Set deposit, win/loss, and gaming session limits, avoid chasing losses, and know when to quit.

  • Try Low-value Bingo Cards

    Try Low-value Bingo Cards

    Avoid purchasing expensive bingo tickets. The prize pools of games with low-value tickets may be smaller, but playing with low-value bingo cards reduces the risks of gambling and helps you to manage your bankroll better.

  • Play Multiple Bingo Cards

    Play Multiple Bingo Cards

    Play with as many bingo cards as your bankroll permits as it greatly increases your odds of winning.

  • Play Only in Licensed Casinos

    Play Only in Licensed Casinos

    Avoid playing at unlicensed casinos as they don’t comply with any gambling laws. Unlicensed casinos are guilty of offering pirated games, withholding winnings, and providing poor customer support.


Is it easy to win by playing a bingo game online?

Bingo is a game of luck, so you have as much chance of winning as everyone else.

Which is the best bingo online game to play?

Each version of the game is exciting. The best thing would be to play bingo for free and try out all the variations before making up your mind.

Can I play bingo online on my mobile?

Most online casino sites are designed for use on mobile devices or may have an app that you can download.

Which online bingo site should I use?

There is a lot to choose from, so we suggest finding one that offers a good welcome bonus or promotions.