Casino Games Online

From a humble beginning in the early nineties, the online casino market is now worth over $40 billion annually. The rise in the popularity of online casinos led to an evolution in casino games.

People could sample titles with free online casino games where they previously had to travel to real-world casinos and invest in overnight accommodation. Unskilled players could learn the rules by practicing on casino games online.

The popularity of casino games and their accessibility to nouveau experts brought with it innovations in software development. Today, gamblers are interacting with each other and with real live dealers from the comfort of their homes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular online casino games and discover the state of play.


How to Start Playing Casino Games Online

  1. Find a Great Casino

    Finding a great casino is easy as we have reviewed, recommended, and listed several licensed and reputed Indian online casinos for players to choose from.

  2. Register at the Casino

    The online registration procedure is quick and easy at all our recommended online casinos. Fill in the required details and verify your email address or phone number to get started.

  3. Deposit Some Funds

    Players have to make a deposit to not only play for real money but also become eligible to claim generous bonuses.

  4. Find a Game and Play It

    Visit the casino lobby and choose from slots, table & card games, video poker games, and many other games.

  5. Provide Feedback

    We love hearing from our players. Leave us a few lines about your experiences at the online casino you registered at.

Full List of Games in Indian Casinos

Indian casinos offer an impressive variety of slots, table & card games, video poker games, lottery games, bingo, scratchcards, and live dealer games. Some focus on slots based on popular Indian sports like cricket and football and offer popular Indian card games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.

Game Types

What Our Casino Games Guide Includes

We offer valuable information about playing casino games online in India. Our team is adept at finding, reviewing, rating, and recommending the best online casinos for Indian players.

Players can also read game reviews and play demo versions of popular online casino games on this website. We offer valuable content on gaming strategies, casino bonuses, and winning at casino games online.

As India is a grey jurisdiction, several offshore online casinos accept Indian players and offer generous INR bonuses. This along with the availability of convenient payment methods like Paytm and GPay has boosted online casino gaming popularity in India.

Check out Odds, House Edge and More, Before Choosing a Game!

house edge and odds of online casino games
Game House edge Odds Number of Game variations

Single Zero – 2.70%

Single Number – 35 to 1


Liberal Vegas rules – 0.28%

Win – 42.22%, Lose – 49.10%, Tie – 8.48%

Video Poker

Jacks or Better (Full Pay) – 0.46%

Royal Flush – 649,740 to 1 7
Player Bet – 1.24%
Player Bet Win – 44.62%

25% – 29%

10 Numbers Picked/Matched –  1 to 8,911,712
Pass/Come Bet – 1.41%

Pass Line Bet – 251 to 244



100 cards in the game and you have 5 of those, you have a 5% chance of winning.
Pai Gow Poker


7 card Straight Flush – 5,000,000 to 1 7

Types of Online Casino Games

We offer several types of online casino games in the demo mode, giving players a risk-free way to learn their rules and strategies. Also, we provide honest and in-depth reviews of each online casino game on our website.

Play and learn about slots, table & card games, video poker games, and instant-win games. We offer classic slots, multiline slots, and slots rich in features like bonus buy, Megaways, cluster payouts, progressive jackpots, and others.

Casino games like roulette, poker, baccarat, and blackjack, single-hand and multi-hand video poker games, and instant win games like scratchcards, keno, bingo, and others are also available.

Best Online Casino Games: Roulette

online rouletteRoulette is a simple and relaxing game of luck, which challenges players to correctly guess the number or selection of numbers on which the roulette ball will come to rest after one spin of the roulette wheel.

The most played online roulette games are European Roulette, American Roulette, and French Roulette. European Roulette and French Roulette have a single zero with the number range 1–36, and American Roulette has an extra double zero, which slightly increases its house edge.

Some of the newest online roulette games are Mini Roulette, Multi Wheel Roulette, and Live Dealer Roulette, among others.

Most Popular Game in Online Casinos: Blackjack

online blackjackBlackjack allows players to improve their odds of winning by implementing the basic blackjack strategy. It is a simple game available in several exciting variants.

The game challenges players to create a hand stronger than the dealer's to win a prize. In blackjack, the number cards retain their face value while the picture cards assume the value of 10 and the ace assumes the value of either 1 or 11.

Indian online casinos offer several innovative blackjack variants like Blackjack Switch, Progressive Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Live Dealer Blackjack, and others.

New Online Video Poker Games

online pokerVideo poker games look like slot games but are based on the rules of Five Card Draw. Players only need basic knowledge of poker hand rankings to play these games, which are clever combinations of poker and slots.

A round starts with a bet. Five playing cards appear on the game screen, and players have to use them to create the strongest possible poker hand. The Royal Flush gets the top prize.

Deuces Wild, Double Joker Poker, Three Card Poker, Jacks or Better, and many others are popular at Indian online casinos.

Try Top Casino Games like Baccarat

online baccaratBaccarat is a chance-based card game that challenges players to win money by betting on the banker, the player, or the tie.

The rules are simple. Players start by betting on the player's hand or the banker's (dealer's) hand or on a tie. The picture cards assume the value of zero, the aces assume the value of 1, and the rest of the cards retain their face value. The aim is to get a nine or as close to it as possible.

Popular variants of online baccarat include Baccarat Squeeze, Punto Banco, No Commission Baccarat, and others.

Pick Your lucky Ball in Online Keno

online kenoKeno is a chance-based instant-win number game that reveals results in an instant.

Players have to choose up to 20 numbers from 1 to 80 numbers. The game software will then draw up to 20 numbers at random. If the two sets of numbers match, you win prizes.

Online casinos offer several innovative keno variants like Circus Keno, Thunder Power, Power Keno, and Mini Keno, among others.

All about Online Craps Games

online crapsCraps is a popular dice game that is easy to learn but hard to master because of its wide range of betting options. To play Craps, players have to bet on the outcomes on a single roll of a pair of dice.

Each round begins with a come-out roll. Players win if the result is a seven or an eleven and lose if the result is a two, three, or twelve. The next step is to set a point by rolling any number from 4-10 except seven and then roll the dice again to get the same result and win a prize.

Bingo Online: Modern Variant of an Old School Game

online bingoIndian online casinos offer several bingo games, but they are all based on the same rules. The aim is to mark off the numbers on the bingo ticket or card to win.

There are two major varieties of bingo – the English 90-ball variant and the American 75-ball variant. In online bingo, the numbers are automatically marked off so that players can chat with bingo buddies, play side games like slots, and participate in chat games with exciting prizes.

Test Your Skill in Pai Gow Poker

online pai gow pokerPai Gow Poker uses a deck of playing cards with a Joker. Players can use the Joker to complete a Straight or a Flush or use it as an Ace. The game is available at almost every online casino and is one of the most popular card games online.

A round starts with a bet after which players receive seven cards, which they have to split into a two-card hand and a five-card hand. Players win only if both hands are stronger than the dealer's hands.

Try Scratch Cards Online – Best Scratch Off Games

online scratch cardsOnline scratchcards are instant-win games with huge payouts. To play them, players must scratch off their surfaces to reveal matching symbols. Players can automatically scratch them off at online casinos.

Playing scratchcards is affordable, and the cheapest scratchcard is available for 20p. The games are based on a variety of themes, and some of them offer multipliers, fixed jackpots, and progressive jackpots.

Casino Games: Slots

online slotsMost of the games at online casinos are slots as they are the most popular categories of online casino games. Players love slots for their simplicity, variety, bonus features, and jackpots. Slots have turned players into multi-millionaires overnight.

Despite their differences, all slots are based on standard rules. A round starts with a bet, and players win prizes if they land a combination of winning symbols on the reels. Players can also unlock lucrative bonus features like free spins, re-spins, bonus rounds, multipliers, and many more.

Slot List

Casino Games Tips and Tricks

  • Have a Striking Plan

    Have a Striking Plan

    Creating a gaming plan gives players a better chance of profiting. Among other things, the plan should include deposit amount, win/loss limits, and length of gaming sessions.

  • Never Chase Losses

    Never Chase Losses

    Chasing losses in the hopes of converting a losing streak into a winning one leads to frustration. Stop playing when you have won or lost a pre-determined amount.

  • Focus on One or Two Games

    Focus on One or Two Games

    Avoid wagering on too many games, especially those you are not familiar with. Instead, focus on a few favourite games to maximize your profits.

  • Practice with Free Casino Games

    Practice with Free Casino Games

    Always play free games before wagering real money on them. This gives you a better idea of how to win at them.

  • Pay Attention to Promotions and Bonuses

    Pay Attention to Promotions and Bonuses

    Visit the online casino’s promotions section regularly to participate in lucrative promotions and tournaments and claim generous bonuses.

  • Implement Strategies That Work in the Long Run

    Implement Strategies That Work in the Long Run

    While playing casino games online, players should understand that the house always wins in the long term. To make constant profits, players have to stick to a good casino gaming strategy.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are played with human dealers instead of casino gaming software programs. They are played at land-based casinos or game studios, and the gaming action is streamed to players’ devices, enabling them to participate in them from home. A chatbox on the game screen allows players to interact with the human dealers.

We invite players to check out the following pages to get the latest news about the live casino gaming industry.


Is online gambling legal in India?

Online operators require specific licensing to allow Indian citizens to gamble. They also have to comply with local law governing each state to operate as an online games casino.

At what age can I legally gamble online in India?

You have to be at least 18 to gamble in India. The same age limit applies when you play casino games online.

What makes online gambling different?

You have much more control over your spending and limits when you play online. Regular casinos are designed to distract you. Online casino games in India have less of that.

What games are available?

Online casinos usually offer all the casino game online play you may desire. Technology also provides opportunities for developers to come up with exciting and addictive variations on old casino game themes.

What games are best for beginners?

Newbies will appreciate casino online games like slots, especially with simple mechanics, easy lotteries, and RNG-based tables.

What casino games have the best odds?

The best casino games in terms of high odds are slots with high RTP, blackjack, and video poker, which can make the house edge less than 1%.