Fast Payout Casinos in India

Winning a prize at an online casino is always special. And we instinctively tend to request a withdrawal as soon as that happens. However, online casinos generally take between 24 and 72 hours to process withdrawal requests. That’s why we’ve listed the top fastest payout online casino to reduce the waiting period. That’s not all! We’ll also discuss the top payment methods that you can use to withdraw your winnings without wasting precious time.

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List of Casinos with Fast Payout


How to Find a Casino that Offers Instant Withdrawal?

  1. Find a Reliable Operator

    We have the top operators listed on our website. You can independently verify the authenticity of an operator before signing up.

  2. Register Your Account

    Once you’ve found a reliable operator, it’s time to create an account and choose your preferred payment mode. This ensures smoother transactions over time.

  3. Deposit Funds and Play

    Once your account is set up, it’s time to play your favourite games. Pick from a wide range of casino games like slots, table games, live dealer offerings, and more.

  4. Cashout Instantly

    Once you win an amount and meet the wagering requirements, it’s time to place a request for an online casino instant withdrawal.

Best payment methods for the Fastest Casino Withdrawals

Aside from getting sheer gambling joy from enjoying favorite games, players are interested in winning amounts. The faster the amount will reach the account, the better. That’s why the majority of players are interested in playing at a fast withdrawal casino, as you don’t want to wait up to a week for your life-changing win.

Check out the list of the most convenient payment methods in the gambling venues, to pick up the best Indian casino online, and get your winnings as fast as possible.

  • PhonePe payment


    PhonePe is one of the most popular digital wallets in India, mainly thanks to the possibility to link it to a single card or bank account and be used for any online need. PhoePe can be used for a variety of purposes, from paying your taxes and insurance to depositing money for your gambling venue account.

    PhonePe has a convenient interface, so players don’t have to wander around figuring out what’s what. Another important thing is that everything can be done in just a few taps. The method offers ultimate security thanks to SSL encryption. So, you can use the method without worrying that online swindlers will get access to your financial or personal data.

    Pros: multi-purpose, easy to use, fast payouts, 24/7 support service.

    Cons: no free trial.

  • UPI payment


    PhonePe is one of the UPI-based apps. The parent service also has enough in store for its users. UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface, and in many ways, it corresponds to its name. There is a vast array of payments that you can make via UPI. From purchases online to transferring amounts from one account to another, and surely you can use UPI for your gambling needs. And the transactions are done almost instantly.

    UPI offers a secure payment for its users. All the information is encrypted, which means that the mere possibility of cyber swindlers getting their hands on your personal or financial data is eliminated. This is extremely important, when it comes to online gambling, as you want to enjoy the game, rather than worrying about the possibility of your data being leaked.

    Pros: convenient interface, all in one place, fast payment, secure transactions, 24/7 support.

    Cons: transaction limits makes UPI unsuitable for transferring large amounts.

  • Google Pay payment

    Google Pay

    Google Pay is one of the most comfortable international payment methods. Just link a particular credit/debit card to your GPay account, and you can use your smartphone to pay basically for anything. The transactions are done almost instantly, so you can easily use it for depositing and withdrawing from your casino account.

    There is one problem with Google Pay, as it is designed for Android-based devices, and may not work that smoothly on iPhones. However, it’s not an issue for users from India, as it works well even on Apple devices. Google Pay offers secure transactions, so, when transferring funds, you don’t have to worry that your data is going to be leaked.

    Pros: easy to use, fast payouts, secure transactions, 24/7 support, can be used on iPhone in India.

    Cons: may not be available in every online casino.

  • PayTM payment


    PayTM is one of the oldest online payment methods to be introduced to users. It offers various options from recharging your mobile phone to online payments, and it is quite popular among online gambling venues in India. With PayTM, you can easily deposit and withdraw your funds from your online casino account almost instantly. One of the main features of PayTM is the automatic refund. The amount will move back to your account whenever you cancel your purchase.

    PayTM is safe to use, with all the transfers being encrypted. Thus, the mere possibility of swindlers getting their hands on your financial data is eliminated. While PayTM is not available for making purchases on Amazon, you still can use it across multiple gambling platforms.

    Pros: easy to use, fast payments, automatic refund, 24/7 support service.

    Cons: 4% commission for transferring funds.

Fast Withdrawal Methods in Comparison

So, here you have four payment methods to choose from when you want a casino fast payout. However, the methods may vary in terms of the time frame that it takes for your funds to get transferred to your account. So, let’s compare them:

Payment System Description
PhonePe from several seconds to 48 hours depending on the bank linked to service. Transfer fee up to ₹2.
UPI from several seconds to one hour. 0 transfer fee.
Google Pay from several seconds to three hours. Transfer fee up to 1.5%
PayTM from several seconds to ten hours. Transfer fee up to 4%.

How to Make Withdrawals

The best aspect of the fast withdrawals casinos in India is that you are most likely going to use the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. This makes a lot of things much easier, as your financial details are already entered, so you don’t have to enter them twice. So, all you have to do is to determine the desired amount for the withdrawal and request it. Then, wait for the amount of time it takes, depending on the method of your choice, for the funds to transfer to your account.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to withdraw your winning amount from the casino:

  1. Start by requesting the desired amount from your casino account.

  2. Choose the withdrawal method, which is more suitable for you. Which is generally the same as the deposit method.

  3. Select the amount of money that you want to withdraw.

  4. Once done with the withdrawal process, just wait till the amount reaches your account.

Tips for Faster Withdrawal Casinos

If you are looking for an instant withdrawal casino India, you can check the list below. We’ve collected the best online gambling venues in the country that offer convenient payment methods and fast withdrawals.

  • Verification


    The thing that hampers withdrawals is the verification process. You can use the fastest withdrawal casino, but still, wait till you're going to be verified. Always make sure that your account doesn’t lack any documentation. You can also contact the venue’s support team to speed up the verification process.

  • Avoid Bonuses

    Avoid Bonuses

    Another thing that hinders the withdrawal is the bonuses that the casino offers. Players don’t want to withdraw, not to lose the bonus. Avoid using bonuses, or if you do, make sure that you’ve done the necessary wagering for it before you request the withdrawal.

  • Reach out to Customer Support

    Reach out to Customer Support

    Large withdrawals are often manually reviewed by the casino. In case, your withdrawal takes too much time, contact customer support. Contacting the support services speeds up things, as it may make the venue check out the pending withdrawal faster.

  • Join the Loyalty Program

    Join the Loyalty Program

    If you want to ensure that your withdrawals are done faster, join the VIP program. Online casinos take the withdrawals of their VIP customers as a top priority. Thus, you can make sure that you are going to get your wins as soon as possible.

  • Check Out the Limits

    Check Out the Limits

    You need to make sure that your withdrawal meets the withdrawal limits and doesn’t exceed them. So, make sure to check out the withdrawal limits of the venue you’re playing at, and that your withdrawal fits the requirements.

  • Check Out the Bonus Requirements

    Check Out the Bonus Requirements

    Various casino promotions, especially welcome bonuses, come with certain requirements. The requirements may include playthrough on a certain game or making bets of a particular value. Without following these requirements, you won’t be able to withdraw.

How Casinos Guarantee Quick Withdrawals?

When you are looking for the best fast withdrawal casino, you may start wondering, how the casino can guarantee that players get their funds as fast as possible. There are several ways that the online gambling venue can ensure that.

  • An Experienced Payment Team - icon

    An Experienced Payment Team

    Certain online gambling venues have a department that is responsible for players’ payments. An experienced payment team will make sure that all the transactions are done swiftly and without any issues.
  • 24/7 Withdrawals - icon

    24/7 Withdrawals

    Quick withdrawal casinos often offer payment methods that allow 24/7 transactions. Thus, players don’t have to wait for business hours to withdraw the amounts. This allows your withdrawals to be processed faster.
  • Automated Transaction Approval System - icon

    Automated Transaction Approval System

    Most of the fast withdrawal casinos utilize an automated transaction approval system. This allows the pending withdrawals to be analyzed and approved automatically. However, large withdrawals may still require manual processing.
  • Fast Payment Providers - icon

    Fast Payment Providers

    After all, everything depends not on the venue per se, but on the payment providers that the casino collaborates with. If the casino works with the payment provider that offers instant payment, then you can make sure that your withdrawal will be processed as fast as possible.

The Advantages of a Fast Payout Casino

There are several advantages of signing up for a fast payout casino. We’ve listed the four primary benefits to help you grasp the basics.

  • clock - icon

    Short Waiting Time

    As the name suggests, fast payout casinos take the shortest time to credit your wins. Elite casinos can sometimes payout within the same day. All you need is a verified payment method, and the casino processes the withdrawal request in no time.
  • Support - icon

    Reliable Customer Support

    The top online casinos have the most reliable customer support systems. Their staff is trained to reply to customer queries within the shortest timeframe. Moreover, these websites have a dedicated FAQ section answering all common questions and a dedicated support network that replies via live chat.
  • credit card - icon

    Secure Payment Methods

    Reliable, fast payout casinos use the strictest security protocols to protect player data and ensure privacy. You don’t need to worry about security when gambling at an elite fast payout casino. Just keep an eye out for a valid license, and you’re good to go.
  • wallet - icon

    Easier Budgeting

    Punters often get carried away by the thrill of gambling. However, fast payout casinos make it easier to make a budget and stick to it. This also helps players wager effectively by optimising their betting strategies.

The Disadvantages of the Fastest Payouts Casinos

Despite the obvious benefits, there are certain drawbacks of playing at gambling venues that offer fast payouts. Firstly, there are the rules of welcome bonuses. Considering the fact that welcome bonuses have wagering requirements, and sometimes, may not be processed through the payment method of your choice, it can hamper the process of withdrawal. Always check the T&C of the venue regarding the welcome bonus, before you decide to take it.

The time frame of withdrawals depends on the payment method of your choice. You may play at the fast payout gambling venue and still wait for your withdrawal for several days, if that’s the time that your payment method requires. So, choose the payment method wisely.

Fastest Payout Casinos

Apart from offering the fastest payouts, the best casinos share several traits like a massive game selection and large bonuses. If you’re looking for recommendations, here’s a list of the best instant payout casino India.



If you’re looking for the quickest payouts and free instant play casino games, GlobalOdds offers exactly that. The website is home to over a thousand classic and modern casino games, including video slots, table games, live dealer offerings, and much more. The website accepts several payment methods, including eWallets, debit/credit cards, online banking, and more. Pick a verified payment method, and you’re all set to play.

Go to GlobalOdds casino



One of the best instant payout casinos that offer great welcome bonus, that can give you up to INR 160,500. The platform offers every resource that you need to request a fast payout. If you’ve chosen a verified payment method, Yoju quickly processes your request, and the amount is credited to your account within 24 hours or sooner.

Go to Yoju casino



If you’re interested in signing up for a fast payout online casino that offers a wide range of sports betting and casino games, 22bet is your ideal pick. The website has a vast list of payment options that pay out within 24 hours; issues bonuses regularly, and runs seamlessly on multiple devices.

Go to 22Bet casino



As one of the most reliable fast payout online casinos in India, 20bet offers massive rewards for signing up. The website accepts several payment methods, including debit/credit cards, eWallets, online banking, and more. Sign up with your preferred payment method, and the website processes your withdrawal request within the shortest period.

Go to 20Bet casino


What payment methods do fast payout casinos accept?

Most fast payout online casinos accept a long list of payment methods like eWallets, online banking, credit/debit cards, mobile banking, and more. Just stick to your preferred payment mode, and you should be good to go.

Do all fast payout casinos accept Bitcoin?

Not all casinos accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as legal tender. The websites that accept Bitcoin mention it on the payment terms page or FAQ section. You can also get in touch with the customer support staff for clarity.

What is the fastest payout mode?

Debit cards and eWallets are generally the fastest payout modes. Crypto casinos have an even shorter payout window. However, since cryptocurrencies aren’t universally accepted at online casinos in India, we’ll stick to the traditional payment methods for the sake of clarity.

Can I receive same-day payouts?

If you have a verified payment method, it is possible to process a same-day withdrawal request. But you may have to wait for the bank to process the technicalities for the amount to be credited.

How can I find the best fast payout casino in India?

You can find the best fast payout casino by following the steps mentioned in this guide.

Why Can’t All Casinos Have Fast Payouts?

A lot of things depend not only on the casino but on the game providers and payment methods. Utilizing only certain payment methods and certain games in favor of fast payouts may alien the gamblers.


How Can I Cancel a Withdrawal at an Online Casino?

You can cancel the withdrawal either manually in your account if that option is available. Alternatively, you can contact the support team and request the cancellation of your withdrawal.