Ram Rao Oak

PPC Manager


Ram is a PPC manager from Pune, India. He enjoys playing online games and considers himself a bit of an introvert. He is organised and thoughtful. His hobbies include photography and reading. His mission is to help individuals and companies navigate the intricacies of online advertising and Google Ads to drive better conversion rates for their businesses.

As a pay-per-click professional, I have a deep understanding of how online advertising works. Google Ads is my specialty; I have over five years of experience in this field, and I really enjoy helping people and teams to navigate this territory to increase sales. My skills help them to make their online and offline business successful.

I am a very thoughtful person who takes time to internalise and analyse things without making rash decisions. I believe this approach to life and situations has helped me to perform well in my profession.

Anyone with a credit card and an internet connection is able to advertise their products and services online today. Individuals and companies don’t even need to have a website, a third-party listing, or a social media page to get themselves up and running. Although this makes advertising easier to access and more affordable, it also means that there is way more competition.

That’s why professionals in my field of specialty are so valuable. We understand the intricacies of getting the most out of our client’s online advertising campaigns. As someone with a fair bit of experience in this field, I’ve also had my fair share of mishaps from which I’ve learned and grown. My conversion rate optimisation skills and Google Ads knowledge has already helped many of my clients to improve their ROI and brand reach.

Working in the casino industry has been a particular challenge that I have loved tackling. Casinos need to stay relevant in an ever-increasingly competitive market. The competition for top ranking between online casinos is fierce. As such, SEO and online advertising make or break casinos, whether they are new or well-established. They have to be on top in both of these areas to get a foot in the door and stay there. I’ve learned a lot in this industry and continue to help online establishments do just that.

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